The keys to successful projects are; knowledge, proper analysis & planning, as well as constant reviews. As such we at MindStep offer the following services together or individually:


We strongly believe that using the right technologies to resolve problems can make things simpler. However the sad reality is that we often see companies discard a technologies based on a POC performed by someone that simply did not understand it. With proper upfront training, the total cost of a project can greatly be reduced by deploying something that is easier to maintained.

MindStep is committed to ensure you understand the technology fully. Furthermore, we offer an extensive training on web semantic and how you can gradually deploy a solution in a cost effect manner.

Analysis & Planning

Taking the time to perform the proper analysis is extremely important in the success of any project. Decisions made early in a project can influence not only whether the system will be efficient and scalable, but on the cost of operation, which is often the biggest cost over the lifetime of the system. Did you know some technologies are better at serving I/O based service more than others? And some are better suit for CPU based services?

Similarly some data technologies are much better for answering certain questions, and luckily for us, there are several ways to build federated datastore without having to ETL the data over and over.


We understand that all companies resourcing needs are different, therefore we are fully prepare to find ways that are best for your organization. Here are some of the examples on how we could help you in the execution:

  • we tailor a best-of-breed solution just for you
  • we work closely with you and become an extension to your team
  • we guide your team by performing external technical reviews
In other words, we are flexible and are ready to meet your needs. We are experts in finding the best solution just for you.